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Drop Ceiling Tiles

We offer broad range of drop ceiling tiles for commercial and residential interiors. Regardless if you just need to cover your grid with basic ceiling tiles or make an impressive piece of art we have a solution for you!

We have 3 categories of drop ceiling tiles:

  • Polystyrene ceiling tiles – available as coffered tiles with 5 design options, decorative tiles available in over 30 designs and smooth ceiling tiles for your basic needs.
  • Mirror ceiling tiles – stocked in standard mirror color and optionally available in tinted mirror colors.
  • Vinyl ceiling tiles – available in translucent finishes, optionally with prints of your choice. Additionally can be ordered in over 100 solid colors with matte, metallic, satin or high gloss finishes.

We ship our drop ceiling tiles to all 50 states, Canada and Caribbean Islands. Free samples available upon request with paid shipping. If you would like to buy our tiles but not sure what you are getting we strongly recommend ordering a sample!

Ceiling Solutions for Commercial & Residential Interiors.

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