Our ceiling tiles will help you find a solution for any application you may have.

Short lead times, top quality and long life span is what makes our ceiling tiles stand apart from competition.

Mirror tiles

Mirror Ceiling Tiles


2′ X 2′ Mirror Ceiling Tiles, optionally available in other tinted colors. Made of high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), easy to cut, easy to install. Made in Austria.

Printed tiles

Printed Ceiling Tiles


Printed ceiling tiles offer a unique opportunity for existing and new grid ceilings. We offer wide selection of stock images or we can print your own image.

Translucent tiles

Translucent Ceiling Tiles


The 2´ x 2´ translucent ceiling tiles fit any standard 15/16″ grid. These tiles are ideal with fluorescent lights or LED. Class “A” fire rated.

Do you need a ceiling that will last for decades without the need of replacement?

We have amazing solutions! Contact us, we can help!

Stretch ceilings

Stretch Ceilings


Stretch Ceilings offer luxorious ceiling solutions for commercial and residential interiors. Available in over 120 colors.

Translucent ceilings

Translucent Ceilings


Designed for commercial and residential interiors. Can be used to achieve flat or multi dimensional shapes.

Wavy ceilings

Wavy Ceilings


Offered as wavy individual panels or complex wavy ceilings fabricated to any size. Class “A” fire rated.

Acoustic ceiling canopies

Acoustic Ceiling Canopies


Ceiling Canopies deliver designer touch and sound improvement to commercial spaces. Square, rectangular and round panels.

Ceiling Light Panels

Ceiling Light Panels


Ceiling Light Panels are the latest trend in interior architecture. Commonly used in hotels, restaurant, night clubs, shopping centers and even private residences.

Modular LED panels

Modular LED Panels


Modular LED panels are an ideal solution for commercial interiors. These panels you often see in restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and shopping malls.

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